Rank Requirements

Welcome to the AemKA Rank Requemrement Page

The requemrements you wemll see are that of the AemKA. These are the standards for those ranks.

Kyu Grade

Ju Kyu Entering Karate-ka, join A.I.K.A.
Ku Kyu Must know all basics upper and lower, Exercises, Kumite, Isshinryu Code
Hachi  Kyu Must know Seisan kata, Bunkai, Kumite, History of Isshinryu and Tatsuo  Shimabuku
Shichi Kyu Must know Seiuchin, Bunkai, Kumite, participate in Exhibitions
Roku Kyu Must know Naihanchi, Bunkai, Kumite
Go Kyu Must know Wansu, Bunkai, Kumite, Short Sai kata
Yon Kyu Adults…Must know Tokumine no kun, Written test Youth…Written test


Honor belt can be awarded at this level for top student

San Kyu Must know Chinto Kata, Bunkai, Kumite
Ni Kyu Must know Kusanku Kata, Bunkai, Kumite– Assistant Instructor
Ichi Kyu Must know Sanchin and Sunsu Katas, Bunkai, Kumite– Assistant Instructor